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Back To The Beginning

Chasing after the lone surviving Drow, the group came to a stairwell behind the door that was left ajar. Zasheid pulled out a ball-bearing from his pack and had Dekkum cast his light spell upon it. Throwing the bearing down the stairwell, it reached the bottom without incident, and so the group followed the Assassin. Checking the door handle, Zasheid accidentally pushed the door open alerting whoever was inside to their entrance. Poking his head inside, Zasheid noted nine enemies: four Kobolds, three additional Drow, the one fleeing Drow, and an insectoid monstrosity eagerly awaiting their entrance to the room.

Chainer was the first to rush into the room and managed to flip over a wooden table to provide cover for himself and the rest of the group. The party quickly followed behind and began to dismantle the enemies in gruesome efficiency. The previously fleeing Drow made his way to the back of the room and jumped into a pitch black hole, where he began to slowly fall to whatever lie in the depths. Zasheid throwing caution to the wind jumped into the hole after the Drow and managed to cling to his back instead of falling to his uncertain death. Dekkum erupted into his true Aasimar form with magical / incorporeal wings unfolding from his back and dove into the pit after the two. He managed to grab a hold of Zasheid and pull both him and the Drow from the pit. Chainer quickly incapacitated the Drow, allowing the others to explore the chamber they were currently in. They quickly found that the hole was hundreds of feet deep and lead to the mysterious “Underdark.”

The group returned to Kyloth where they turned the Drow prisoner over to Lissandra and Jarka and the town’s guard. After providing the location of the chamber and of the skirmish, the conversation quickly changed to Jarka’s investigation into the Lady Rainkus accusations that the group had initially brought forth. Jarka and Lissandra were able to confirm that the accusations were in fact true. Additionally, they found out that Lord Rainkus had “lost” his wife for a short period of time before the current Lady Rainkus appeared in Kyloth. Immediately after, Lord Rainkus began the juxtaposition of his normal calm and caring demeanor. All that Jarka said was that Lord Rainkus had committed an unforgivable crime and, apparently in his grief, committed suicide, relinquishing his title to the new Lady Rainkus. To make matters worse, Jarka and Lissandra informed the group that “new” Lady Rainkus was actually a Succubus, and was receiving her orders no doubt from a higher up being. After the defeat of Lady Rainkus, the estate fell into disarray and is currently being sold off to other royals within Kyloth. The “Talkins” family apparently had been colluding with the Rainkus family, but with the current upheaval, they would no longer play any part in further harming the inhabitants of Kyloth.

On a more positive note, however, the heroic accomplishments of the merry marauders eased the tension with the town guard. Furthermore, the group threw a party at the Bloody Dagger to celebrate all they had managed to do during their short period of time in Kyloth. During the party, Dekkum and Rowyn heard a voice inside their head telling them, “You’ve done well. Seems like you’ve found out a lot, but you have more questions than answers at this point. You will need to go back to where it all began.”

The troubling message from the night before was shared with the group the following morning, to which the group quickly agreed they would pursue with the two Aasimar (whether they liked it or not) to the forest where the two had first encountered each other. During a short break on the second day of their travels, a rumbling in the ground was followed by six large Ankeg erupting from the ground and encircling the group. Yet the battle-hardened group made quick work of the insectoids and continued on to the edge of the Wormwood Forest.

Learning that Rowyn’s enclave was from a section called the Frantell that still remains, the group continued to the section that was destroyed called Bruntz. Upon reaching the outskirts of the devastation, the two Aasimar were hesitant to continue. As they paused in an uncomfortable silence, Dekkum and Rowyn stopped to reflect on their past and the events that lead to the destruction of the forest when their Aasimar senses were triggered. Aasimar have an innate ability to feel when others of their race are near. However, this feeling was much stronger, almost overpowering. The flapping of wings overhead alerted the rest of the group to the entrance of another being with silver skin and pure white eyes. As the wings curled behind the body, and the being approached the group, they all realize at once it is Micah, the historian from Sahyrst, albeit in a more powerful form. Furthermore, Rowyn and Dekkum recognize Micah as a deva, a celestial being of the gods. When Micah spoke to the group, Rowyn and Dekkum confirm it was his voice they heard in their heads the night of the party.

Micah explains that he had brought Dekkum and Rowyn together and that the destruction of this part of the Wyrmwood was not their fault; the forest could not have been saved. The attack on the forest was two-fold, a draining power, sucking the life force from the forest for obviously nefarious means, as well as a trap for any of celestial blood. Any spell cast upon the forest that was tinged with celestial power would incapacitate the user until they, too, were consumed by the draining magic. Rowyn fell victim to this, but Dekkum, upon an impulse either divine or simply a powerful instinct, had chosen to save Rowyn. Sylvanas knew the forest was beyond help, and recognized too, all the Dekkum had accomplished as well as all the good Rowyn had achieved for the light in the years since her rescue at Dekkum’s hand. This is why Dekkum’s powers never left, as he had never lost the favor of Sylvanus.

Micah explains that he is the designated protector of this isle, and is very thankful for all of the work that the group has done.

Micah turned to Chainer and told him that the demon he was looking for was named Krexal. He had originally hidden the name of the beast to protect the innocent on the island from a holy war occurring between the demons and the witch hunters. Krexal is a general in the armies of evil that are currently at war with the powers of good. Dragons play a strong role in this war, and are always the focal point of strife.

Along this vein, he then mentions a Black Dragon on the island, the same dragon that killed Llearic’s family. Micah is dismayed at how long the evil dragon has been at work on “his” island, but has recently discovered why. An amulet of immense power is guarding the dragon against any of pure celestial blood. The amulet was a well-guarded secret, so Micah is unsure of how the dragon located it so easily (some of the group have a quick flashback of Carric’s tale where he told the dragon of something powerful in order to stop him from finishing off Llearic). With the presence of a black dragon, Micah recognizes that this island needs more protection than he can handle. He has sent for help, and knows that a silver dragon is currently on its way. He explains the uniqueness of this island, that while it appears to be a very isolated island, that in the last Great War, this was where the final act occurred. The island was a cesspool of evil, with a sprawling, well-protected city providing power, weapons and supplies for the bad guys. A particularly chaotic god on the side of good took it in his own hands, and in an act of immense power, struck at the center of the city, sinking half the island hundreds of feet below the sea. The attack killed most everything in the city, including the thousands of innocent slaves being held there. The death of so many innocents angered the more lawful and even neutral gods and while the chaotic god was weakened by his attack, they destroyed him and struck his name from history.

Only the gods know what treasures and items of power may be found in that city under the waves, but that is for another day. Now, Micah urges them to defeat the black dragon and clear the way for the silver dragon’s arrival. The dragon is nestled in the lowest regions of the Dwarven Hold known as Guun Kalduhr, however, the Dwarves of this island are a bit isolationist, and are unwittingly becoming more so with the influence of the dragon below them. The dragon is attempting to create more and more of a protective layer around him.

Furthermore, Micah turns to Zasheid and informs him that his homeland will be key in the next steps to putting down the hand and defeating the evil across the land, as the group’s destination should be the mainland after killing the black beast.


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