Jyaxx's World: Weirduun

The Return of Carric

Nov 5th Exploration

The troupe was able to find a helpful cleric to remove the petrification from their new friend Zasheid after the encounter with the basilisks in the sewers. Upon returning to the Bloody Dagger, Gilly informs Chainer that Graham is in town and wishes to meet.

While entering the Tavern however, Carric is enjoying a beverage in one of the corner booths waiting for the party as though he hadn’t been sucked back into an alternate dimension.

Graham informed the group that he had been traveling North tracking the Hand, and had uncovered a small operation being run in disguise out of a Church, and sending recruits back to Kyloth. Chainer informed Graham that the same had been found in Sayhurst. He continued by informing the party that there was an unknown sickness affecting those near the coast on the outskirts of town.

After a quick discussion, the group agrees to seek out the illness and put an end to whatever evil is behind it. Following Graham through town, they arrive at a large gothic building with statues around the rooftop. When Zasheid attempted to pick the lock on the door, the statues came to life and attacked the party. They were able to defeat the gargoyles, and after Chainer (as usual) kicked in the front door, the party quickly found themselves outnumbered by five robed figures and two two-headed dogs in the main entry way to the building. After a long drawn out battle, they were able to interrogate one of the robed figures to learn more about what was happening in the tower. He informed the group that there were not many “more of us” in the building, and not to go deeper into the basement because there are things we wouldn’t want to deal with. There also were no more greater demons left in the building, but things that were “not of this world.”

Several of the robed figures had a mark resembling a Hand burned onto their bodies along with self-inflicted cuts. Chainer and Graham immediately discerned that these were rogue Witch Hunters; those that had succumbed to the darker temptations of being a Witch Hunter.

Upon venturing further, Dekkum detected magic and the group found a blue door with a halo that could not be opened safely. Anything that touched it was launched across the room by magic. Further below in the building, there was a room with 4 doors that had blood seeping out beneath each door. Bursting into the room, the group defeated several Manes and Quasities, which were lesser demons, as well as defaced and destroyed summoning circle that was on the floor.

As the group entered the bottom floor, they found a summoning circle glowing and spewing forth lesser demons / shadowy beings into the room. As the beings were defeated, and ice storm appeared in the room and a voice rang out from the behind the portal saying that "we would longer interfere with the plans and powers that had been granted by Creexal. Llearic was able to discern that the portal lead directly to the Abyss! As the group entered further into the room, a woman with a gigantic burnt hand on her back began to throw lightning bolts and magic missiles at the group. The group was eventually able to defeat her, and once defeated, the portal closed in on itself and vanished. The group quickly destroyed the summoning circle on the floor.

On the way out of the building, the magically sealed door(s) was unlocked and the group found a sealed chest to compensate their efforts.


Updated this with the name of that was shouted, and retcon’ed the location the portal looked into.

The Return of Carric
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