Jyaxx's World: Weirduun

Apophis - The First of the Black Dragons

Continuing through the caverns, the group moves from room to room. Two of the rooms they were able to find trip-wires, but in the second room Zasheid tripped the wire when he was investigating and caused a cave-in in the room, fortunately nobody was injured.

Walking past a throne room, the group entered in the left-most tunnel and Reyna was attacked by a kobold in the shadows with a fire pot. A second kobold came running from the main tunnel at her. Zasheid and Llearic ran back to the throne room and took the other tunnel and encountered a kobold as well. All the kobolds were killed, and the two throne tunnels did not meet up though.

Walking into a large room with an acid pool, the group finds a “glowing” barrier encompassing a portion of the room. The entire group was able to pass through the barrier except for Rowyn. Zasheid stayed back with Rowyn just in case. As the group was exploring the cavern, Chainer found “something” on the ground. Something invisible appeared to be in the ground, after Chainer sprinkling some dirt on it, some of the dirt stuck and highlighted something an inch or so off the ground.

As Llearic was about to come over and help investigate, something in the acid pool began to bubble more vigorously than before. Llearic runs over and stomps on the “invisible case” and a black gem cracks, dropping the glowing barrier in the room. The bubbling in the acid lake ceases as a dark black scaled creature erupts from the acid pool. After an acid spray downed Chainer, Llearic, and Reyna, the group fought back.

Chainer being healed rushed into the pool of acid to pursue the rush of death while Rowen’s Moonbeam was able to finish off the dragon before any more members of the party were felled.

Chainer was able to chop the head off the dragon before its body sunk into the pool of acid. The group then began their ascension through the tunnels and back up towards the Dwarven Stronghold.

Beginning Xp : 12,700
Ending XP : 15,000
Level – Group achieved level 6
Coin / Gold : 1,383 gold per person
Date: 01/19/2018

Additional (Side) Notes – 1/30/2018

Chainer gets access to the Dwarven library to begin his exploration into the life after death experience, and any additional ways to possibly pass through the “dimension” between life and death.

Chainer needs to follow up with Micah on Krexal and the “Hand.”

Micah inquires as to why Llearic is wearing the broken black necklace that the group found on the ground that dropped the magical barrier…? Apparently, that was the item that Carric had helped the Black Dragon to find (previous notes)

There is transport between Zasheid’s homeland and the current island the group is at. The trip can take about a month to make the voyage. Ship will be arriving in the next few months. The boat will be arriving at the northernmost town of Waymoor. We could spend additional monies to transport to Waymoor, or all could travel their on their own. The group determines that they would all meet in Kyloth in X days, and then travel up to Waymoor together.

Micah gives the group a magical ring that they can use once they reach the new island to return to the Espen via Teleportation circle that would return them to Kyloth. (usable once a day)

Magical Loot Items Found from the Dragon Horde*

Adamantine Scale Armor
This suit of armor is reinforced with adamantine, one of the hardest substances in existence. While you’re wearing it, any critical hit against you becomes a normal hit.

Sentinel Shield (Chainer)
Grants the user advantage on initiative and perception (Wisdom). The shield is emblazoned with a large eye in the center.

Gem of Brightness
This prism has 50 Charges. While you are holding it, you can use an action to speak one of three Command words to cause one of the following effects:

• The first Command Word causes the gem to shed bright light in a 30-foot radius and dim light for an additional 30 feet. This effect doesn’t expend a charge. It lasts until you use a Bonus Action to repeat the Command Word or until you use another function of the gem.

• The second Command Word expends 1 charge and causes the gem to fire a brilliant beam of light at one creature you can see within 60 feet of you. The creature must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or become Blinded for 1 minute. The creature can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on itself on a success.

• The third Command Word expends 5 Charges and causes the gem to flare with blinding light in a 30-foot cone originating from it. Each creature in the cone must make a saving throw as if struck by the beam created with the second Command Word.
When all of the gem’s Charges are expended, the gem becomes a non-magical jewel worth 50 gp.

Winged Boots (Reyna)
Requires Attunement

While you wear these boots, you have a flying speed equal to your walking speed. You can use the boots to fly for up to 4 hours, all at once or in several shorter flights, each one using a minimum of 1 minute from the Duration. If you are flying when the Duration expires, you descend at a rate of 30 feet per round until you land.

The boots regain 2 hours of flying capability for every 12 hours they aren’t in use.

Scrolls x 2 – Spellcasting need to be identified (level 2 spells)

Hat of Disguise (Llearic)
Requires Attunement

While wearing this hat, you can use an action to cast the Disguise Self-spell from it at will. The spell ends if the hat is removed.

A Walk of Endless Tunnels

Using the Sending Stones, Zasheid was able to grant access to Chainer and Dekkum to enter the Dwarven Stronghold (after having defeated the Stone Giant). After settling in and filling Chainer and Dekkum in on the details of what transpired in the Dwarven Stronghold, the group decided to return towards the Stone Giant’s room to continue the search for the Black Dragon.

Reyna used her heightened senses to attune herself to the mountain in hopes of finding the Black Dragon but instead found that there were Griffons, Basilisks, and Harpies around the mountain. As the group neared the Stone Giant’s room they found a covered entranceway that became a four-foot tall cavern. As the group was walking through the tunnel, Zasheid found a trip wire in the corridor but managed to trip it while he attempted to disarm it.

After waiting for a trap to trigger, the group continued on into a room with a chasm in the middle and rope drawbridge suspended between the two sides. Zasheid fired a light arrow across the chasm that illuminated a kobold on the bridge. The Kobold fleed across the bridge and Llearic gave chase causing the bridge to snap and collapse. Llearic was able to grab onto the rope bridge and ride it across the chasm to the far wall but was stranded not knowing how long the ropes would hold preventing him from climbing up. During his struggle, Reyna was able to shoot an arrow through the leg of the Kobold and prevent him escaping the group.

After several long minutes of planning and toil, Dekkum activated his Ring of Leaping and jumped the chasm with extra rope the group provided, pulled Llearic up and helped create a bridge to allow the others to cross the chasm safely. (Artemis was put inside the bag of holding) Rowyn interrogated the Kobold and learned his name was Ett and he served the Lord Apothis. Deciding to use Ett to lead them through the tunnels, Rowyn fashioned a collar around Ett and had him lead the way.

The group went through several tunnels and then entered a room that appeared to be for farming and harvesting mushrooms. As she was leading Ett through the room, Rowyn stepped on a caltrop buried in the dirt and let go of the rope around Ett allowing him to run away down a side hallway. Making an assumption that Ett would not lead the group to his master, they chose a different passageway and continued on.

As the group continued through the maze of tunnels, they finally came upon one that was giving off some heat and light. The group was forced to crawl on hands and knees when pots were smashed at the exit to the tunnel with swarms of centipedes exploding out. Defeating the swarms of centipedes, the group continued on until they entered into the largest cavern they had found yet.

Upon entering the room, the group encountered scores of Kobolds varying from basic armed Kobolds, to those wielding spears, and even some looking as though they were magic users. The group was able to kill the 12-15 kobolds in the room, and began to plan which direction they would venture forth into next.

Beginning Xp: 12,700 / 14,000
Xp Gained: Unkown
Loot: Unknown
Date: 11/3/2017

The Lord of Ale

The group continued their trek with Thugris until they reached the entrance to the Dwarven stronghold, where they were denied access to the city (as they had been told they would be). Chainer and Dekkum decided they would scout the outskirts of the stronghold to try and find another way inside instead of barging in through the front gates. While waiting for their two party members to return, the group was approached by a human cleric of Tyr named Bront. Sharing a drink with Llearic, Bront learns of the group’s intent to enter the Dwarven stronghold to defeat the Black Dragon, and decides to lend his services to their cause. Zasheid used the sending stones to inform Chainer of their new compatriot.

Opting for a direct approach and not waiting for Chainer and Dekkum to return, the group decides to try and walk through the front gates. They masked Reyna’s elven features and proceeded onward as to not draw any additional attention. They were stopped at the entrance to the stronghold again, but this time Bront attempted to “sweet-talk” his way past the guards stating they sought an entrance with the Elders. The guards asked which Elder they were seeking. Without knowing whether the group sought Lord Mountainbender or Lord Flatforge and fearing they would be turned away, Llearic cut the tension by yelling “Oi ye wankers, I have ale and I’d like to get a drink at the tavern.” In a desire to impress the travelers, both guards begin to argue over which faction produces the best ale and end up deciding to have a contest to determine the best brewing faction, with Llearic being the judge due to his background in brewing. As the group turned in for the night and divided into their two rooms, Reyna and Artemis bunk with Llearic and learned why he was qualified to be a judge, and the sheer amount of alcohol he is able to consume in one sitting.

The following morning, the party was escorted to the banquet hall for the contest. During their walk, Zasheid whispered to a guard that Llearic was actually a celebrated minstrel, and the winner of the contest was sure to become renown in the human world. Once seated, Lord Mountainbender and Lord Flatforge (the two Elders) entered the hall to commence the competition. Llearic put his knowledge to the test and began to dissect the ingredients and brewing components as he sampled each beer while the rest of the party tried to learn all they could of the feuding factions and enjoy some ale. The group was able to determine that the Flatforge faction tended to be comprised of intellectuals, while the Mountainbender faction relied on brute strength and aggression. As the contest continued into the night, Bront begins to fade under the sheer volume of alcohol, but the rest of the party was able to cast their votes without issue. The first and second round of drinking awarded Lord Mountainbender the favorite, while the third round awarded to Lord Flatforge.

The next day, the party reassembled to find Llearic passed out in the banquet hall. During breakfast with some of the dwarves, the group learned of a Stone Giant that had taken up residence in a remote section of the stronghold. The Dwarven factions were split on what course of action to pursue with the Stone Giant. The Flatforge dwarves wished to make an alliance with the creature while the Mountainbender dwarves were determined to kill it or run it off from their stronghold. Due to the group declaring Lord Mountainbender the victor the night before, the Mountainbender faction had the ruling influence and thus the group agreed to assist in removing the stone giant from the premises.

Walking through the caverns of the stronghold, Reyna and Zasheid motioned the group to stay behind as they examined a cavern entrance. They saw several spider webs, but before they could warn the group, they were ambushed by three large phase spiders. Able to defeat the beasts, the party continued on to find another cavern, but instead of more spiders, this one contained etchings carved into the walls. The group was able to determine a pattern to the scrawlings, but were unfortunately unable to interpret a meaning to them.
Choosing the largest of the exists out of the room with the etchings, Reyna saw three sets of tracks heading from the exit…with one set being considerably larger than the others.

Entering another cavern, the party came face-to-face with two humanoids, demanding an explanation for their intrusion into the cavern of the “Mighty Henge.” Bront attempting to be diplomatic, began to explain that they were there on behalf of the Dwarven factions to find a peaceful conclusion on the matter of Henge the stone giant and his occupancy of the stronghold. Before Bront could make any further progress in negotiations, Llearic burst forward yelling “Look you fucking wankers, I have a booze order that needs to be filled.” The humanoids instantly burst into action, with one summoning a patch of vines to entangle the party. In the midst of the fight, a huge boulder came barreling through the cavern and knocked Bront to the ground unconscious. The Mighty Henge entered the fray and the group became hard pressed to deal with the monstrosity. After a long and grueling fight, the party was forced to kill the two humanoids and Mighty Henge the stone giant.

Ending Experience: 12,700 / 14,000

Reyna and Artemis
New found Allies

After a long discussion about how best to find the dwarves and to deal with their apparent hostility to outsiders, the group opted for a frontal assault approach; walk straight into the mountains and seek an audience with the dwarves. Only a few days into their trek they came across a hilly area to find a tall eleven woman with bow drawn and a large wolf next to her frantically scanning the ground around her. The elven woman was visibly wounded and unaware of the group’s approach.

As the party drew nearer, Dekkum cast his spell to speak with the Wolf in hopes of not drawing suspicion. As the wolf turned towards Dekkum a Bulette exploded out of the ground and continued its apparent attack on the elf and her wolf. Offering their assistance, the group sprang into action and jumped into the fray with the monstrous beast. After a long and difficult battle, they were able to successfully vanquish the beast.
(Bulette – armadillo/lizard creature that lives underground)

The elvish woman introduced herself as Reyna, and her wolf companion as Artemis. Hearing of the groups intent to seek the dwarves, she requested to join to seek out business she had in the area, as well as the possibility to further hunt monstrous and dangerous beast (the black dragon). The party settled in for the night with their new party members but were awoken during the night by a pack of half-ogres. With the help of their new allies, the expanded group quickly dismantled the half-ogres and continued on their way.

Arriving at a small town-hold outside of the mountains, the party stopped to re-supply before they began their trek into the mountains. While in town, they came upon a dwarf also buying supplies in the human town. They learned that he came down from the mountains regularly, went about his business, and then left. When the group attempted to approach him, he was gruff and brief, not providing any information about the dwarven pass or it’s peoples. Instead, they struck a bargain with the dwarf who they found was called Thugris Warmbane and offered to provide protection for him and his supply wagon back into the mountains. Chainer asked Thugris if the elf would be welcome in the dwarven hold (given the history between the two cultures) and Thugris stated that none of the party would be welcome once they arrived at their destination.

Knowing they would need to try another attempt to make it to the city, the group accompanied Thugris through a tall grassy area before they reached the mountains, and found themselves under attack from a large group of insect / humanoids. Barely surviving the ambush, the group continued on ever closer to their destination and more answers.

Session Date: 9/29/2017
Experience : None Provided
Loot : None Found
Coin : None Found

Back To The Beginning

Chasing after the lone surviving Drow, the group came to a stairwell behind the door that was left ajar. Zasheid pulled out a ball-bearing from his pack and had Dekkum cast his light spell upon it. Throwing the bearing down the stairwell, it reached the bottom without incident, and so the group followed the Assassin. Checking the door handle, Zasheid accidentally pushed the door open alerting whoever was inside to their entrance. Poking his head inside, Zasheid noted nine enemies: four Kobolds, three additional Drow, the one fleeing Drow, and an insectoid monstrosity eagerly awaiting their entrance to the room.

Chainer was the first to rush into the room and managed to flip over a wooden table to provide cover for himself and the rest of the group. The party quickly followed behind and began to dismantle the enemies in gruesome efficiency. The previously fleeing Drow made his way to the back of the room and jumped into a pitch black hole, where he began to slowly fall to whatever lie in the depths. Zasheid throwing caution to the wind jumped into the hole after the Drow and managed to cling to his back instead of falling to his uncertain death. Dekkum erupted into his true Aasimar form with magical / incorporeal wings unfolding from his back and dove into the pit after the two. He managed to grab a hold of Zasheid and pull both him and the Drow from the pit. Chainer quickly incapacitated the Drow, allowing the others to explore the chamber they were currently in. They quickly found that the hole was hundreds of feet deep and lead to the mysterious “Underdark.”

The group returned to Kyloth where they turned the Drow prisoner over to Lissandra and Jarka and the town’s guard. After providing the location of the chamber and of the skirmish, the conversation quickly changed to Jarka’s investigation into the Lady Rainkus accusations that the group had initially brought forth. Jarka and Lissandra were able to confirm that the accusations were in fact true. Additionally, they found out that Lord Rainkus had “lost” his wife for a short period of time before the current Lady Rainkus appeared in Kyloth. Immediately after, Lord Rainkus began the juxtaposition of his normal calm and caring demeanor. All that Jarka said was that Lord Rainkus had committed an unforgivable crime and, apparently in his grief, committed suicide, relinquishing his title to the new Lady Rainkus. To make matters worse, Jarka and Lissandra informed the group that “new” Lady Rainkus was actually a Succubus, and was receiving her orders no doubt from a higher up being. After the defeat of Lady Rainkus, the estate fell into disarray and is currently being sold off to other royals within Kyloth. The “Talkins” family apparently had been colluding with the Rainkus family, but with the current upheaval, they would no longer play any part in further harming the inhabitants of Kyloth.

On a more positive note, however, the heroic accomplishments of the merry marauders eased the tension with the town guard. Furthermore, the group threw a party at the Bloody Dagger to celebrate all they had managed to do during their short period of time in Kyloth. During the party, Dekkum and Rowyn heard a voice inside their head telling them, “You’ve done well. Seems like you’ve found out a lot, but you have more questions than answers at this point. You will need to go back to where it all began.”

The troubling message from the night before was shared with the group the following morning, to which the group quickly agreed they would pursue with the two Aasimar (whether they liked it or not) to the forest where the two had first encountered each other. During a short break on the second day of their travels, a rumbling in the ground was followed by six large Ankeg erupting from the ground and encircling the group. Yet the battle-hardened group made quick work of the insectoids and continued on to the edge of the Wormwood Forest.

Learning that Rowyn’s enclave was from a section called the Frantell that still remains, the group continued to the section that was destroyed called Bruntz. Upon reaching the outskirts of the devastation, the two Aasimar were hesitant to continue. As they paused in an uncomfortable silence, Dekkum and Rowyn stopped to reflect on their past and the events that lead to the destruction of the forest when their Aasimar senses were triggered. Aasimar have an innate ability to feel when others of their race are near. However, this feeling was much stronger, almost overpowering. The flapping of wings overhead alerted the rest of the group to the entrance of another being with silver skin and pure white eyes. As the wings curled behind the body, and the being approached the group, they all realize at once it is Micah, the historian from Sahyrst, albeit in a more powerful form. Furthermore, Rowyn and Dekkum recognize Micah as a deva, a celestial being of the gods. When Micah spoke to the group, Rowyn and Dekkum confirm it was his voice they heard in their heads the night of the party.

Micah explains that he had brought Dekkum and Rowyn together and that the destruction of this part of the Wyrmwood was not their fault; the forest could not have been saved. The attack on the forest was two-fold, a draining power, sucking the life force from the forest for obviously nefarious means, as well as a trap for any of celestial blood. Any spell cast upon the forest that was tinged with celestial power would incapacitate the user until they, too, were consumed by the draining magic. Rowyn fell victim to this, but Dekkum, upon an impulse either divine or simply a powerful instinct, had chosen to save Rowyn. Sylvanas knew the forest was beyond help, and recognized too, all the Dekkum had accomplished as well as all the good Rowyn had achieved for the light in the years since her rescue at Dekkum’s hand. This is why Dekkum’s powers never left, as he had never lost the favor of Sylvanus.

Micah explains that he is the designated protector of this isle, and is very thankful for all of the work that the group has done.

Micah turned to Chainer and told him that the demon he was looking for was named Krexal. He had originally hidden the name of the beast to protect the innocent on the island from a holy war occurring between the demons and the witch hunters. Krexal is a general in the armies of evil that are currently at war with the powers of good. Dragons play a strong role in this war, and are always the focal point of strife.

Along this vein, he then mentions a Black Dragon on the island, the same dragon that killed Llearic’s family. Micah is dismayed at how long the evil dragon has been at work on “his” island, but has recently discovered why. An amulet of immense power is guarding the dragon against any of pure celestial blood. The amulet was a well-guarded secret, so Micah is unsure of how the dragon located it so easily (some of the group have a quick flashback of Carric’s tale where he told the dragon of something powerful in order to stop him from finishing off Llearic). With the presence of a black dragon, Micah recognizes that this island needs more protection than he can handle. He has sent for help, and knows that a silver dragon is currently on its way. He explains the uniqueness of this island, that while it appears to be a very isolated island, that in the last Great War, this was where the final act occurred. The island was a cesspool of evil, with a sprawling, well-protected city providing power, weapons and supplies for the bad guys. A particularly chaotic god on the side of good took it in his own hands, and in an act of immense power, struck at the center of the city, sinking half the island hundreds of feet below the sea. The attack killed most everything in the city, including the thousands of innocent slaves being held there. The death of so many innocents angered the more lawful and even neutral gods and while the chaotic god was weakened by his attack, they destroyed him and struck his name from history.

Only the gods know what treasures and items of power may be found in that city under the waves, but that is for another day. Now, Micah urges them to defeat the black dragon and clear the way for the silver dragon’s arrival. The dragon is nestled in the lowest regions of the Dwarven Hold known as Guun Kalduhr, however, the Dwarves of this island are a bit isolationist, and are unwittingly becoming more so with the influence of the dragon below them. The dragon is attempting to create more and more of a protective layer around him.

Furthermore, Micah turns to Zasheid and informs him that his homeland will be key in the next steps to putting down the hand and defeating the evil across the land, as the group’s destination should be the mainland after killing the black beast.

The Rise of the Drow
Purple Mushroom Gang

Seeking out the next opportunity to prove themselves to the City Watch and Lessandra, the group set out to track down the “Purple Gang” who were rumored to be spreading drugs and mushrooms throughout the city. After little consideration, Llearic opted to use his knowledge of the drug trade in the world to set up a sting and attempt to buy drugs from a gang member in the hopes to learn more about them.

In the middle of the night, Llearic snuck out from the Bloody Dagger Inn and found a gang member in an alleyway. After spending 45gp, Llearic purchased every ounce of drug that the seller on his person. Testing the product (mushrooms to be exact), Llearic instantly knew it was something potent and somehow managed to find his way back to the Inn while causing a ruckus that woke up several of the party members. Immediately knowing what he had done, they hid the drugs and managed to put him to bed without further incident.

The following morning, Zasheid checked in with his informant / contacts, but was rewarded with very little useful information. The gang was apparently new to the city, and they had risen through the criminal ranks in the city quickly, and were cornering the market on the drug trade. So far, every member of the gang that had been questioned was very tight-lipped about the organization, the drug/mushrooms, or anything else that could be used to infiltrate their ranks.
Following up on that information, Dekkum reached out to an Apothecary to see if they had any additional information about the mushrooms. He was awarded very little information in regards to the gang, but that the Apothecary had a serious disdain for this drug and there had been no cure found yet. Several cases of overdose resulted in people literally losing their minds and never recovering.

Seeking to cover more ground, the group broke out individually to search the city. Chainer and Rowyn managed to find leads to the gang hideouts throughout the city, and returned to the group to share their findings. Opting to follow Rowyn’s lead (as it lead to a magical / hidden doorway in an alley), the group continued with their sting operation and had Llearic front as the buyer, and Rowyn as the wealthy backer looking to get into the drug trade game. Zasheid donated 200g to put into a chest as payment to help along the sting.
Meeting in the cover of night, Llearic and Rowyn met with the contact in the alleyway to set up a deal, with Zasheid looking out from the rooftops above. After much debate, they were directed to the Tainted Timber tavern where they would meet with someone more higher up in the organization who could continue the conversation. (Zasheid watched the man disappear behind the magical doorway in the alley that Rowyn had found).

After meeting in the Tainted Timber with the next contact, the group is informed that there is a limited supply of the mushroom drug, and an even limited distribution train coming into the city, but the Purple Gang would still consider doing business. The contact requests that in 2 days they meet again, and he will have more answers and information about the possible budding relationship between the two parties. However, he requests a distribution plan and a price for doing business.

Not wanting to wait an additional 2 days, Zahid and Rowyn head for the magical doorway in the alley. Pretending to be a drunken couple, they sneak into the alleyway and get behind the magical door to find a locked solid door. Zasheid unlocks the door, and they return to the alleyway to motion the rest of the party forward. Traversing down a staircase to another locked door, Zasheid unlocks the door once again and notices there is at least one person in the room, and gives Chainer a grin and the sign to kick it open. Upon kicking the door in, the party is met by 3 soldiers who have the makings of hardened adventurers. Llearic was cut down by one of the enemies, but Rowyn was able to bring him back from the grips of death, which put him into a rage, to which he used to strike down the rest of the foes.

Leaving the room, the group traversed a hallway full of pressure plates to come to another door. Zasheid attempting to pick the lock again heard voices behind the door. Cracking the door a bit, Dekkum takes a small mirror and looks into the room after recognizing the language being spoken behind the door. Looking into the mirror, he sees a dark-skinned face looking right back at him with white hair on top of its head. Knowing they have been discovered, Dekkum barges into the room yelling “Halt! Who goes there?” 4 dark-skinned figures in the middle of the room staring back at him and draw their weapons.

After a short battle with what turn out to be Drow, the leader used a drow skill to cast the entire party into darkness and escape out of the door in the back of the room. Knowing now where the mushrooms are coming from, the group determines their next course of action.

Ending xp: 8600
Loot: Short Sword to Zasheid
Gold: N/A

An Understanding

Below is a (not-so-short) synopsis of the discussion held between all the members of this group. I want to thank everyone for participating in this and taking it seriously. I truly feel like this was very necessary for the health of the group and for future adventures.

Please take the time to read through the points below to make sure we all have the same understanding. As both a confirmation that you read it, and as a bit of fun, I would also ask for every member of the group to comment on this with their current favorite memory or situation thus far in the campaign. NO REPEATS! So read and comment before someone uses your idea! Thanks for reading!

Topic: Questing and knowing what to do next

  • Party prefers more linear paths towards the story than the lack of direction brought about with an open world feel
  • What the DM considered “railroading” early in the campaign isn’t what it felt like for the party
  • Non-Optional quests that veer from the main storyline are not as enjoyable


  • DM will create more of a linear path with optional side quests, providing more clear direction and decision points

Topic: Pacing and distractions

  • Group feels like if we are going to dedicate time to doing something, that a more concerted effort to stay focused is needed.
  • Individual and separate actions can be interesting but also easy to lose the attention of the group when they occur.
  • Conversation with unimportant NPCs can drag on a bit long


  • DM will try to keep table more focused. The party will help by doing the same, being gracious when it is mentioned that they are off-topic or distracted, as well as helping be aware that when a party member does appear distracted/disinterested they may be accidentally excluded and everyone should work to include that member
  • Group will limit the times that they split up, instead work towards getting a group decision on how to proceed
  • When individual actions are needed/wanted, DM will attempt to keep them short, and the party members will try to limit the unnecessary questions. If additional non-critical information is needed, outside of game time communications can be utilized (later emails, texts, conversations, etc.)
  • DM will cut down on the frequency in which he asks for what each individual will do, and in return, if there is something that a party member really wants to do, they will need to speak up to do so.
  • More killing! :-D

Topic: Leadership

  • Party members are aware of a lack of leadership, but unsure how to resolve, as no one wants to always be the leader and making decisions, yet recognize that the result is long conversations and loss of time


  • Party will attempt to assign a temporary leadership role based upon the situation/quest/event.
  • If a party member wants to lead a particular event, they should speak up (out of or in game) to get the agreement of others to proceed
  • Party agrees to follow the current leaders guidance unless it goes completely against what they feel their character would do
  • Current leader will do their best to make sure all voices are heard
  • DM will assist with making sure the leadership role is established, rotates, and is acting properly (e.g. overbearing, demanding, etc., but honestly I don’t think that will be an issue)

Topic: Meta-gaming

  • Meta-gaming is a concern of the group, and frequently question if what they do is allowable or not
  • Party sometimes have a bit of an issue discerning character knowledge vs. player knowledge, or sometimes over analyze the connection
  • Party is unsure how often they should recognize the creature they are up against


  • DM does not think anything that the party has done to be a negative form of meta-gaming
  • DM will try to be more aware of the information that is given when appropriate, to limit the need of the party to separate the two different “knowledges”
  • Meta-gaming can frequently be used in place of overly complicated descriptions. Simply asking, would my character know “this” is perfectly fine. Frequently the answer will be a simple yes or no, other times it may require a dice roll.
  • For creatures, the assumption is that the party is a group of adventurers who are worldly and would have knowledge of many creatures, though intimate knowledge is less common. For example, the entire party would have immediately recognized a drow, even if they hadn’t seen one before. Though only a party member with a particular history or connection to them would have been able to discern any weaknesses or strengths.

Topic: Feedback

  • The DM has been attempting to filter through the commentary at the table to discern the feeling the party about different situations. Some commentary is simply joking around, while other statements have held truth, and the DM has struggled to understand which is which.
  • Party members have voiced some frustrations individually, sometimes to the DM, sometimes to each other


  • The group members are all friends, and should be able to talk as such.
  • The group will attempt to voice any frustrations as they happen, so that the frustration doesn’t grow. However, if it is something better not mentioned at the table, the DM will gladly talk about it later as needed.
  • The party can continue the commentary at the table, knowing that if they have any true issues with the path/methods/pacing, etc. that they will specifically bring it up to the DM and/or party when appropriate.
  • DM will continue to solicit feedback from the party, knowing that any criticism is meant to be constructive. If the DM feels otherwise, it will be discussed individually or outwardly (as appropriate) to try to find a solution.


So, what’s all this for? This is a lot of text to make sure that we are all having fun. This is a reference point so that we can all feel comfortable that we are trying to do what we can to make everyone as happy as possible and to have a great time making memories and future jokes. These are not rules written in stone, but nor are they difficult to follow. I’ve probably over done it with my explanations, but I feel strongly that these communications were important, and didn’t want to walk away with any misunderstandings.

I ask again that you leave a comment with your favorite memory of the current campaign, as well as any feedback about the conversation, letting me know if I forgot something or if you have a different sense of what was said. Thanks again for reading the wall of text!

Soldiers of Fortune
February 3rd

After successfully escaping the estate of Lady Rainkus, the party made it back to town and began their attempts to bring Lady Rainkus to justice. Chainer and Rowyn went ahead to the Bloody Dagger to inform Gilly of their prisoners and the encounter in the sewers with the undead, the necromancer, and the implications of Lady Rainkus with all the weird on-goings in town. Dekkum, Zasheid, and Llearic continued on to find the Town Watch to request an audience with a person in charge, and to secure the capture guards.

The encounter with the City Watch did not go quite as planned, as the three party members were escorted off the street and into the Watch Barracks by weary and questioning guards. Fearing the worst, the party took up defensive positions in the room and waited. Surprisingly, they were met by a bronze Dragonborn with an ornate sword and a scar over her left eye, along with a gauntlet symbol representing the god Toren hanging from a necklace.
“There had better be a very good reason why you have two of Lady Rainkus’s guards in my building right now,” she said. As the party attempts to explain everything that has happened, they plead for her to send her remaining guards out of the room to avoid any prying eyes or spies learning about what they had found. Hesitantly the Dragonborn agreed, but several minutes later, an older gentleman with piercing blue eyes, a broken nose, and a sword with an ebony hilt enters the room.

The Dragonborn then introduced herself as Lassandra, and the ominous man as Jarka, the chief investigator. Jarka is apparently called in whenever something needs to be investigated … more in depth. As the party introduces themselves, Dekkum leaps into detailing the past few days escapades and the eventual capture of the two Rainkus guards. Before he can get very far, Jarka cuts him off at the insinuation that Lady Rainkus could be involved. Zasheid steps in and explains his past relationship with his employer and his dealings to help smooth out the situation. Jarka seems to relax a little bit, and Dekkum takes a step back and starts at the beginning. He explains what happened in Sayhurst with the merchants and the were-rats and the implications of nobles from Kyloth, and how the group came to be presently standing in the Barracks.

Not being one to believe such a far-fetched tale, Jarka deems a greater investigation into the facts needs to be made before trust can be granted. Lissandra provides the name of a contact that the group can work with to begin to earn the trust and prove their worth to her and the City Watch.

As the group begins to gear up for more merry marauding and adventure, they stop in to inform Gilly at the Bloody Dagger Inn that additional activity may be occurring in his establishment and pay to hire some extra security for him and any additional needs the group may have.

Following up with the contact, the group encounters Ygin (U-Gin), a Half-Elf with a shaven head. He provides the group with two possible tasks to complete:

1) There is a cult gaining influence and setting up a base of operations outside of the city near the woods. The City Watch does not have the power to take care of the cult and needs an outside resource to “do whatever is necessary” to quiet these followers of Tahlos.

2) Increase the nobility of the City Watch by dealing with a gang / drug ring involving mushrooms. The City Watch is aware of the gang, but hasn’t had any luck finding the source. The gang can be identified by a Violet Sash or Scarf, and to following any Violet Arrows found on buildings or hidden throughout the city. This job must be handled quietly and without raising alarm within the city.

The group opted to remove the cult as their tie with Tahlos arose suspicion and a growing hatred for the cult, as well as the realization that nothing was ever completed quietly with this group.

Exploring the woods, the group came to a gully. Zasheid announced confidently that this would be a great place for an ambush. Having said that, four bugbears appeared above and in the gully, with an accompanying ogre. The group was able to defeat the beasts without sustaining serious injury and explored a game trail that lead to an encampment. It looked as though it had been used by the bugbears / ogre previously, and had been since ignored. Backtracking, they began to follow the original path and came to a clearing with an enormous tree, and some chanting coming from behind it. As the group snuck up closer, they were able to see several cult members surrounding a high priest next to a golden spear that was sunk deeply into the tree base. There was scorched grass leading from the forest to the base of the tree. Dekkum and Rowyn took great offense to someone loosing a weapon into a tree in the attempt to damage the forest.
Zasheid used the sending stones to inform Chainer that he had a clear shot on a target, but wasn’t sure on the choice to take it or not. Chainer informed him, if you have a shot and feel there is a threat, you have the green light. Without further consultation, Zasheid loosed an arrow and suck it into the high priest. The rest of the group charged out of the woods and engaged the remaining cultists. They struck down all except for one that attempted to escape, but they were able to subdue the final cultist and drag him back to the tree.

Rowyn and Dekkum checked on the tree and found that it was dying and there was no way to heal it. The outrage began to set in as they looked to the prisoner for answers. Finding some sick enjoyment in interrogating prisoners, Chainer informed the group to look away as he questioned the prisoner. Taking the prisoner by the back of the head, he slammed him face first into the base of the tree. In a low and cold voice, he began to ask the prisoner short and simple questions about what happened, how many more of them they were, and where they came from. When the prisoner fumbled over his answers or didn’t provide adequate responses, Chainer slammed his face back into the tree.

  • Rowyn cast a spell or used an innate ability to peer into the man’s mind to see what had happened. Saw a man step out of the woods, hurl the spear towards the tree, and scorch everything into its path* — Need clarification here

The Lightning Spear was identified and claimed by Zashied as the Javelin of Lightning.

I believe we returned to the city afterward and spoke with Lissandra and voiced displeasure at being a hit-squad, and informed her they would no longer be hired assassins to do her dirty work

Total loot: 35gp each
Javelin of Lightning

The Birth of an Air Elemental

After the defeat of the menacing fish swarm, the party dared to look through the small barred window on the bolted door. Dekkum being the boldest of the group peered through the window and found a swarm of zombies shambling around. Upon recognizing a meal, the zombies began to pound against the door, forcing the group into action. As the door splintered from the hinges, Zasheid threw two flasks of oil into the oncoming zombies, and Rowyn followed up with a fireball igniting the shambling dead. A well-placed spell of Moonbeam, along with good old fashioned brain smashing carnage so every zombie re-killed and laid to rest. A quick search of the body identified a deformity of varying sorts on every single one of the bodies that could not be identified as post-mortem or not.

Finding a small steel ladder leading to a hatch in the ceiling, Zasheid attempted to unlock and open the hatch. Although he was able to disable the locking mechanism, he lacked the physical prowess to open the portal. Chainer (being the door-kicker-iner that he was) put his shoulder to the task of not-so quietly opening the hatch. Realizing there was something heavy on top, he huffed and puffed and was finally able to wedge a crowbar into the gap, and then force the hatch open causing a ruckus, as something toppled to the floor that had once been on top of the hatch. As Chainer entered through the hatch, he found a dresser on its side, five demonic beings held in restraints, a monstrous being shackled to a table, and a rather put-off looking spell caster standing being a barrier in the room. The wizard asked the obvious question of “What are you doing here?” to which Chainer (being the charismatic charmer and people person that he is) responded that this was the only way out of the sewers, and upon seeing bookshelves, became enamored with the idea of doing some light reading. Zasheid was able to come up out of the sewer and hide behind the toppled dresser during the discussion to help assess the situation. Chainer made a plea to take several of the books and be on his way when Rowyn come up out of the sewer and triggered the wizard into action.
The restraints came off the beasts around the room, and the rest of the party came out of the sewer and jumped into action. One of the beasts barked orders to the subordinates, but they were no match for the merry marauders, and they quickly carved through the beasts. Annoyed and embarrassed, the wizard fled from the room using the cover of his barrier, but before he left, animated the beast on the table and sent it into action. Unfortunately, the animated beast was quickly laid to waste as the party would not be swayed from pursuing the wizard. Zasheid was able to etch away at the runes on the floor to deactivate the barrier (of course, Chainer managed to grab some Necromancy Tomes and study the body before they chased out of the room.)

Zasheid took the lead and explored the three rooms that were on the immediate floor. In the first room, he discovered a library with a flickering light source (they obviously did not tell Chainer). The second room appeared to have nothing of note to it, but the third room contained shuffling and moaning noises through the door which the group opted to not pursue any further. As Zasheid crept up the staircase to the next floor, his spider-senses tingled and he found a trip wire. Rather than trying to have the entire group clamor over it, he attempted to disable the trap (because he said he was “proficient”). Sadly, he was not able to safely remove the trap, and the upper portion of the staircase went crashing down some 15 feet to the floor. As he returned to the group, his response was to “sshhhhh” the group, but thankfully informed him that he was okay, and not to worry. After that incident, they were forced to tell Chainer about the library (if only to explore an alternative means to get up the stairs….and the entire library made it into the bag of holding) as they devised a way to get across the now destroyed staircase. To further exhaust their exploration of means, Zasheid had Chainer kick in the door to the second room (after stating it was "safe). Chainer was rewarded for his superb door kicking abilities with a dart to the shoulder, which he graciously handed to Zasheid. The room contained some magical reagents and study material used by the now long since escaped wizard.

Llearic was able to climb up the shaft of the staircase and string ropes across the expanse in the staircase to get everyone over to the next floor. As they explored the new floor, they found windows that displayed an outdoor courtyard with servants and guards in the regalia of Lady Rainkus. As Zasheid began checking for traps on the doors, a decision was made to open the second doorway in the hallway. Chainer once again did the honors, and with a mighty kick, took the door off the hinges and sent it sailing into the room …. to the not so stunned Lady Rainkus, the wizard (now labeled as a Necromancer), and eight of Lady Rainkus’s guards. Six more guards appeared in the hallway effectively sealing off any escape the party may have had.

Pointing out to Lady Rainkus that she was in league with a Necromancer, and that if we bumbling fools could follow the sewers and zombies to her doorstep, then it was only a matter of time before someone else figured out did NOTHING…..and with Zasheid being no help in his state of shock and “Oh Shit I’m Dead,” and Lady Rainkus promising death or imminent torture, Chainer did the unthinkable. He fished into his pocket for a gem, threw it aginst the far wall, and released an Air Elemental into the room. Even though Chainer gave Lady Rainkus the ultimatum to release them or face the Air Elemental, she couldn’t help but be snarky and refuse the terms of the surrender. Sooooo, Chainer set the Air Elemental onto her and the Necromancer. After a thorough smashing and bashing of the “Lady”, the Air Elemental released a whirlwind and sent Lady Rainkus and the Necromancer flying across the room. While Chainer and his new pet were having fun, the rest of the party began to dispatch the guards in the hallway in an attempt to create an escape route. Rather than fighting fairly, Lady Rainkus opted to vanish into a cloud of smoke, leaving the Necromancer to smooshed to pieces under the destructive power of the Elemental. Chainer was able to get the guards who still remained alive to surrender and even took a few hostage to corroborate their story to the king.

The party escaped back across the fallen staircase and (gently) put the remaining guards at the bottom of the staircase chasm, then fled through the sewers. Sadly Chainer had to say goodbye to his new pet and released it back into the ether from which it came. Their hopes were high as they planned on seeking an audience with the king, or the guard, or anybody in a place to pursue Lady Rainkus as they now had proof of her shady dealings, and attempts to flood the city with undead.

Ending XP: 7,200/14000
Coin: 15gp each

An Adventure of Information Gathering
Loot Identifying

With the dark and brooding castle cleared of all evil, the team got down to securing their loot. Zasheid boldly picked the lock on the sealed chest and pulled out three sealed containers, several coin. The boxes were scanned by Dekkum and revealed that the largest of the boxes was not magically sealed, and contained three vials of varying colors. The other two smaller boxes both had a magical aura around them, prompting the adventurers to not wish to open them on their own.

After returning to the city and doing some digging, the party was able to track down an organization calling Mazebridge that was willing and able to magically examine and open the sealed containers. The group was able to acquire the following items from the chests:

2,600 gold pieces — 400 silver pieces — 1,000 copper pieces
1 vial – brown/silver/grey = Potion of Climbing (went to Zasheid)
1 vial – gray = Potion of Hill Giant Strength (went to Chainer)
1 vial – clear with a claw = Potion of Animal Friendship (went to Rowyn)
2 Oval stones with a face on each one (facing each other)

The smallest chest (which had a Necromancy, Enchantment and Conjuration aura upon it) was left unopened.

After the loot was procured, the party went back to the Bloody Dagger to recuperate. In the morning, Llearic and Chainer awoke to a severed head in their room. The head belonged to the informant that had told them of the dealings between Lady Rankis and the Thieve’s Guild in the city.

Zasheid quickly sent a message to Lady Rankis informing her of his desire to meet and speak about the severed head that was found, and to ensure he is still in her good graces. Meanwhile, Chainer headed for the city’s library in the hope to learn more about Crexal. Rowyn, Dekkum and Llearic headed for the City Hall in hopes of purchasing the castle as a new base of operations or tracking down the previous owner to find another link to the Hand.

Chainer — Found no additional information about the Noble Houses that could be useful, and only that “Crexal” was a source of power linked to a portal leading to the nine hells, and had the term “demons” associated to the name.

Dekkum / Rowyn/ Llearic — spent all day padding pockets and seeking the right people to speak with, only to learn that they could not purchase the castle and that the previous owner could not provided to them by city hall. However, the location used to be a church property, affiliated with the church of Tomos, and at one point, owned by a Merchant Collective that currently owned properties around town.

After the group met back up again, they decided to head back into the sewers to once again seek any evidence of Lady Rankis’s affiliation with the Thieve’s Guild or any other natural undertakings. After an uneventful walk, the party came to a wide open room with a sealed door at one end. Upon investigating the room, the group was set upon by dark shadows int the water, that turned out to be schools of biting fish. They defeated the fish, and awaited for further action, and questioning why the door would be locked from the inside, and who and why the fish had been left in the pool.

Expedition Ending Experience: 5,800 / 6500
Character Level: 4


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