Zasheid Khalid

Human Thief

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Diplomatic X Violent
Passive X Instigating
Cautious X Reckless
Selfless X Selfish
Follows Social Cues X Disregards Social Cues
Trusting X Suspicious
Logical X Emotional

Malcer Hornraven was very good at what he did. He and his partners were shadows for hire. Theft, intelligence gathering, infiltration, exfiltration. You name it, they could do it. Much to Malcer’s dismay, they had spent the last few months solely employed by those who used their skills for tasks that made even Malcer question himself.

On what was supposed to be the last night of an extended job, the team was sold out. Malcer was working alone when he discovered the betrayal and he rushed back to their base of operations. His partners were the closest thing he had to real friends. Upon arrival, he found everyone dead. Their employer was tying up loose ends.

No time to gather his things, Malcer sprinted away, towards the docks. He tossed a bag of coins to the captain of the first ship he saw. “Time to go,” he told himself, not bothering to ask where the ship was headed.

His time on the ship gave him plenty of time to think about what went wrong, what he could have done differently.

Upon the ship’s arrival to Kyloth, Malcer first went to the inn for a room. The innkeep told him the rate of the room and asked for a name.

Malcer paused. Malcer Hornraven was dead. That life was dead. It was time to find something worth living for.

“Zasheid Khalid,” he told the innkeep as he tossed him the gold.


Zasheid Khalid

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