Rowyn Kylanthian

Aasimar - Circle of the Moon Druid

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Diplomatic X Violent
Passive X Instigating
Cautious X Reckless
Selfless X Selfish
Follows Social Cues X Disregards Social Cues
Trusting X Suspicious
Logical X Emotional

You may have heard of Rowyn, the first Aasimar Druid ever. It is said that she has much power, even more than she realizes. She has many stories of aiding anything or anyone in need. Some even say she holds more power than any druid alive.

Rowyn lived in the Frantol forest most of her young life in a small collective of druids outside of Taiman. She was sent on her first mission when she was 17 to assess rumors of dead and decaying plant life in Bruntz forest. Upon arrival, the scene was grim, and would be near impossible to fix on her own. However, the distance was too great for her to return with help from the collective, so she decided to try to save the forest with a spell, but unexpectedly something happened to her power. Something came over her and she passed out. Rowyn was barely saved by a Paladin named Dekkum. Once she awoke she found out that the forest had died and she had been the reason why.

Dekkum had broken his oath in order to save her life. She was angry at him for letting so much life die. But she was secretly guilty, because she was happy to be alive. To follow all of this, Dekkum told her that she was an Aasimar. She had never heard of these creatures and was not convinced. He tried to explain to her the power and influence they had on the world and that he was an Aasimar too. As they parted, Dekkum asked Rowyn to be brave and follow her heart and that he had seen a great power in her, power for good. This changed Rowyns life forever, she finally knew why she never fit in at Frantol forest and decided to change her life, for the better.

Once she got back home she spent a year finishing her schooling of druidic lore and magic. She came to realize that her path in life lie somewhere elsewhere, outside of Frantol and Tiaman, and set out to see the world. She secretly needed to find more out about her failed quest to save Bruntz forest.

On her travels she started to make a name for herself. She started making friends and helping people out with their problems. Cheering people up as she traveled from city to city and town to town. Her little sparks of help became quests and missions that she fought to complete for the safety of others. Rowyn always kept Bruntz forest in the forefront of her mind and never let her true goal waiver. She always used her connections to try to obtain more information on her race. During her most recent and well known feat, taking down a maniacal wizard that had been terrorizing small settlements in the southern portion of the continent, she had learned of an old historian in Sahyrst, who, if the rumors were true, just might be Assimar. She intends to find out.

Rowyn Kylanthian

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