LLearic (Jesse)

Human Witch Hunter

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Diplomatic X Violent
Passive X Instigating
Cautious X Reckless
Selfless X Selfish
Follows Social Cues X Disregards Social Cues
Trusting X Suspicious
Logical X Emotional

Due to my Folk Hero background you may or may not have heard of Llearic. Here is some general information about him that is considered public knowledge

If you’ve spent a lot of time in Sahyrst you may have heard of Llearic.

Commoners often gossip about his past. They’ll tell the story of how he grew up in a happy family of brewers and how he was starting to earn a name as an accomplished distiller himself. However, the story always ends in the tragic tale of his family’s trade caravan to Guun Kaldhur. A black dragon laid waste to the entire caravan. The only survivor was Llearic himself and he was found unconscious on the road with everything and everyone around him dead or destroyed.

Most of course don’t believe this story but those who have seen under his hooded veil have confirmed that his face is in fact horribly disfigured, as if by acid. Those same people will also tell you that despite his reclusiveness he is always willing to help somebody in trouble. Commoners disregard his eccentricities because many a local farmer or rancher can attest to Llearic clearing out a nearby den of orcs or kobolds for them. For these reasons Llearic has earned a good reputation among the common-folk.

Those of higher standing in Sahyrst, nobles and the like, ignore or don’t hear those rumors and just consider Llearic to be a town drunk. They often see him partaking in his own moonshine and look down on his actions. Some might even consider him a freak of nature and wish to be rid of him. Others might consider him a necessary evil since they see the value he provides as an adventurer. How nobles consider Llearic is largely dependent on the noble’s demeanor since Llearic doesn’t associate very often in the diplomatic world.

When Dekkum, Rowyn and Carric found Llearic, he was fighting off two Gnolls and a giant hyena. Together, they were able to defeat the group. Meanwhile, Chainer decided to join the group after tiring of reading a book in Llearic’s shack (after doing the logical thing and kicking the door down) and showed up just in time to see the final blow land on the last gnoll.

LLearic (Jesse)

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