Dekkum Davenport

Hey look a paladin!

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Diplomatic X Violent
Passive X Instigating
Cautious X Reckless
Selfless X Selfish
Follows Social Cues X Disregards Social Cues
Trusting X Suspicious
Logical X Emotional

Born to the house Davenport you’d think I’d have had a proper upbringing. Instead at the age of 8 a Paladin came to the house and tells my parents I’m ‘special’. I’m ‘built for a higher calling’. They practically jump for joy when the Paladin presented them a big bag of coins in exchange for taking me away to the order. Aasimar… that’s what he called me. Told me I was rare. A true gift for goodness. At the time all I wanted was for his arrival to have never happened. Marath was his name. Under his guidance I started learning the way of the Paladin. Honor. Justice. I spent my days training to fight, reading book after book about the battle for the light, and resenting my family.

Marath was a good teacher and explained to me the truth about the Aasimar. Celestial beings. He wanted to train me because I would have the natural ability a Paladin strives for. I could resist necrotics, I’d develop vision beyond darkness, and be immune to disease. With his training I started to tap these abilities. He taught me to find my true being. Soon I could sense evil like a blood hound. The stench was sickening. We’d been in the forest since I went with him. It started feeling like home. There was never anything evil that was natural. It was peaceful. When I was 17 it was time I took the Oath of the Ancients to protect all that is natural and pure. Together Marath and I would take mission after mission cleansing the lands wherever we could.

One day Marath had a tip that the Bruntz forest was showing unnatural signs of decay. We went to investigate. Marath and I took off for Bruntz. The situation was more dire than we had expected. He immediately started to try and cast restoration on the forest and motioned to me to assist him. It was imperative we stop the spread any further and then find the source… That’s when I felt it. I could hear Marath yelling to keep on the restoration we could turn the necrosis, but there was something there. My feet took flight into the brush. I found her there passed out, the necrosis starting to creep up to her. Marath shortly behind me.

“We have to leave her. We can’t save the forest if we save her! We need to restore the forest.”

I knew that unless we continued to restore the forest the girl would die… but I knew she was Aasimar as well. There was more. She had power.

“Marath, I’m sorry I can’t let her die.” I said as I used restoration on the girl.

“You swore an oath! Do you know what happens to Paladins who break oaths?”

“Help me, Marath.”

“There is no help for Oathbreakers.”

I put forth my hands and filled the girl with energy. I picked up the girl as Marath tried to save the forest but it was too much for just one to handle. I got the girl out and Marath came to me.

“You’re on your own now. The entire forest is going to die and no magic here can save it. This is your doing. You’re oath has been broken. Either you repent and pray Silvanus forgives you or wither like this forest, consumed by the darkness.”

Oathbreaker, that’s what he called me. He was wrong. It wasn’t just my oath I had broken. It was myself. I don’t know what spoke to me to save this girl with such conviction. When she awoke I explained who she really was, that Aasimar were special and needed to use that power for the light. I don’t know what started the decay on the forest or that I will be able to find out what happened. My only quest now is to redeem myself. I will not remain an Oath Breaker, I will find my repentance…

I have traveled much to find my repentance, but have as yet, found none. Then one day, praying at a shrine dedicated to Silvanus when I received a vision. I saw the young Aasimar that I had saved that day with oak leaves flowing around her. Something told me my path to absolution started with her.

So, I began to track down the druid, and finally made contact with her in Sahyrst.

Dekkum Davenport

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