Human Witch Hunter - Ghost Slayer

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Diplomatic X Violent
Passive X Instigating
Cautious X Reckless
Selfless X Selfish
Follows Social Cues X Disregards Social Cues
Trusting X Suspicious
Logical X Emotional

Accidentally interrupting a demonic bonding ritual, branded with the mark of the demon: The Hand, but saved at the last moment by a grizzled Ghost Slayer. The reminder that he was almost consumed by the darkness, and forced to do the bidding of a demon, he became a Witch Hunter and a Ghost Slayer.

Throwing himself tirelessly and recklessly into his studies to unearth the dark secrets of the Witch Hunter, to turn himself into the perfect weapon of destruction, he pours through Tomes and Folk Lore whenever possible to find an edge. Scarring his body about the emblem on his chest, he defies the demon lord and takes strength from his resolve (and now defiled soul) to cleanse the wicked, and rid the world of evil and corruption. At any cost, he will rid this world or hell if need-be of this demon, and all those that are loyal to him.

Clinging to his sanity, and always trying to avoid the temptation of the darkness that threatens to consume him, he is the first to shed his blood so that others will not suffer a similar fate. He is as much a threat to himself as he is to those he combats, as is the Witch Hunter way.


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