Jyaxx's World: Weirduun

The Rise of the Drow

Purple Mushroom Gang

Seeking out the next opportunity to prove themselves to the City Watch and Lessandra, the group set out to track down the “Purple Gang” who were rumored to be spreading drugs and mushrooms throughout the city. After little consideration, Llearic opted to use his knowledge of the drug trade in the world to set up a sting and attempt to buy drugs from a gang member in the hopes to learn more about them.

In the middle of the night, Llearic snuck out from the Bloody Dagger Inn and found a gang member in an alleyway. After spending 45gp, Llearic purchased every ounce of drug that the seller on his person. Testing the product (mushrooms to be exact), Llearic instantly knew it was something potent and somehow managed to find his way back to the Inn while causing a ruckus that woke up several of the party members. Immediately knowing what he had done, they hid the drugs and managed to put him to bed without further incident.

The following morning, Zasheid checked in with his informant / contacts, but was rewarded with very little useful information. The gang was apparently new to the city, and they had risen through the criminal ranks in the city quickly, and were cornering the market on the drug trade. So far, every member of the gang that had been questioned was very tight-lipped about the organization, the drug/mushrooms, or anything else that could be used to infiltrate their ranks.
Following up on that information, Dekkum reached out to an Apothecary to see if they had any additional information about the mushrooms. He was awarded very little information in regards to the gang, but that the Apothecary had a serious disdain for this drug and there had been no cure found yet. Several cases of overdose resulted in people literally losing their minds and never recovering.

Seeking to cover more ground, the group broke out individually to search the city. Chainer and Rowyn managed to find leads to the gang hideouts throughout the city, and returned to the group to share their findings. Opting to follow Rowyn’s lead (as it lead to a magical / hidden doorway in an alley), the group continued with their sting operation and had Llearic front as the buyer, and Rowyn as the wealthy backer looking to get into the drug trade game. Zasheid donated 200g to put into a chest as payment to help along the sting.
Meeting in the cover of night, Llearic and Rowyn met with the contact in the alleyway to set up a deal, with Zasheid looking out from the rooftops above. After much debate, they were directed to the Tainted Timber tavern where they would meet with someone more higher up in the organization who could continue the conversation. (Zasheid watched the man disappear behind the magical doorway in the alley that Rowyn had found).

After meeting in the Tainted Timber with the next contact, the group is informed that there is a limited supply of the mushroom drug, and an even limited distribution train coming into the city, but the Purple Gang would still consider doing business. The contact requests that in 2 days they meet again, and he will have more answers and information about the possible budding relationship between the two parties. However, he requests a distribution plan and a price for doing business.

Not wanting to wait an additional 2 days, Zahid and Rowyn head for the magical doorway in the alley. Pretending to be a drunken couple, they sneak into the alleyway and get behind the magical door to find a locked solid door. Zasheid unlocks the door, and they return to the alleyway to motion the rest of the party forward. Traversing down a staircase to another locked door, Zasheid unlocks the door once again and notices there is at least one person in the room, and gives Chainer a grin and the sign to kick it open. Upon kicking the door in, the party is met by 3 soldiers who have the makings of hardened adventurers. Llearic was cut down by one of the enemies, but Rowyn was able to bring him back from the grips of death, which put him into a rage, to which he used to strike down the rest of the foes.

Leaving the room, the group traversed a hallway full of pressure plates to come to another door. Zasheid attempting to pick the lock again heard voices behind the door. Cracking the door a bit, Dekkum takes a small mirror and looks into the room after recognizing the language being spoken behind the door. Looking into the mirror, he sees a dark-skinned face looking right back at him with white hair on top of its head. Knowing they have been discovered, Dekkum barges into the room yelling “Halt! Who goes there?” 4 dark-skinned figures in the middle of the room staring back at him and draw their weapons.

After a short battle with what turn out to be Drow, the leader used a drow skill to cast the entire party into darkness and escape out of the door in the back of the room. Knowing now where the mushrooms are coming from, the group determines their next course of action.

Ending xp: 8600
Loot: Short Sword to Zasheid
Gold: N/A


Jyaxx Cassadar

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