Jyaxx's World: Weirduun

Soldiers of Fortune

February 3rd

After successfully escaping the estate of Lady Rainkus, the party made it back to town and began their attempts to bring Lady Rainkus to justice. Chainer and Rowyn went ahead to the Bloody Dagger to inform Gilly of their prisoners and the encounter in the sewers with the undead, the necromancer, and the implications of Lady Rainkus with all the weird on-goings in town. Dekkum, Zasheid, and Llearic continued on to find the Town Watch to request an audience with a person in charge, and to secure the capture guards.

The encounter with the City Watch did not go quite as planned, as the three party members were escorted off the street and into the Watch Barracks by weary and questioning guards. Fearing the worst, the party took up defensive positions in the room and waited. Surprisingly, they were met by a bronze Dragonborn with an ornate sword and a scar over her left eye, along with a gauntlet symbol representing the god Toren hanging from a necklace.
“There had better be a very good reason why you have two of Lady Rainkus’s guards in my building right now,” she said. As the party attempts to explain everything that has happened, they plead for her to send her remaining guards out of the room to avoid any prying eyes or spies learning about what they had found. Hesitantly the Dragonborn agreed, but several minutes later, an older gentleman with piercing blue eyes, a broken nose, and a sword with an ebony hilt enters the room.

The Dragonborn then introduced herself as Lassandra, and the ominous man as Jarka, the chief investigator. Jarka is apparently called in whenever something needs to be investigated … more in depth. As the party introduces themselves, Dekkum leaps into detailing the past few days escapades and the eventual capture of the two Rainkus guards. Before he can get very far, Jarka cuts him off at the insinuation that Lady Rainkus could be involved. Zasheid steps in and explains his past relationship with his employer and his dealings to help smooth out the situation. Jarka seems to relax a little bit, and Dekkum takes a step back and starts at the beginning. He explains what happened in Sayhurst with the merchants and the were-rats and the implications of nobles from Kyloth, and how the group came to be presently standing in the Barracks.

Not being one to believe such a far-fetched tale, Jarka deems a greater investigation into the facts needs to be made before trust can be granted. Lissandra provides the name of a contact that the group can work with to begin to earn the trust and prove their worth to her and the City Watch.

As the group begins to gear up for more merry marauding and adventure, they stop in to inform Gilly at the Bloody Dagger Inn that additional activity may be occurring in his establishment and pay to hire some extra security for him and any additional needs the group may have.

Following up with the contact, the group encounters Ygin (U-Gin), a Half-Elf with a shaven head. He provides the group with two possible tasks to complete:

1) There is a cult gaining influence and setting up a base of operations outside of the city near the woods. The City Watch does not have the power to take care of the cult and needs an outside resource to “do whatever is necessary” to quiet these followers of Tahlos.

2) Increase the nobility of the City Watch by dealing with a gang / drug ring involving mushrooms. The City Watch is aware of the gang, but hasn’t had any luck finding the source. The gang can be identified by a Violet Sash or Scarf, and to following any Violet Arrows found on buildings or hidden throughout the city. This job must be handled quietly and without raising alarm within the city.

The group opted to remove the cult as their tie with Tahlos arose suspicion and a growing hatred for the cult, as well as the realization that nothing was ever completed quietly with this group.

Exploring the woods, the group came to a gully. Zasheid announced confidently that this would be a great place for an ambush. Having said that, four bugbears appeared above and in the gully, with an accompanying ogre. The group was able to defeat the beasts without sustaining serious injury and explored a game trail that lead to an encampment. It looked as though it had been used by the bugbears / ogre previously, and had been since ignored. Backtracking, they began to follow the original path and came to a clearing with an enormous tree, and some chanting coming from behind it. As the group snuck up closer, they were able to see several cult members surrounding a high priest next to a golden spear that was sunk deeply into the tree base. There was scorched grass leading from the forest to the base of the tree. Dekkum and Rowyn took great offense to someone loosing a weapon into a tree in the attempt to damage the forest.
Zasheid used the sending stones to inform Chainer that he had a clear shot on a target, but wasn’t sure on the choice to take it or not. Chainer informed him, if you have a shot and feel there is a threat, you have the green light. Without further consultation, Zasheid loosed an arrow and suck it into the high priest. The rest of the group charged out of the woods and engaged the remaining cultists. They struck down all except for one that attempted to escape, but they were able to subdue the final cultist and drag him back to the tree.

Rowyn and Dekkum checked on the tree and found that it was dying and there was no way to heal it. The outrage began to set in as they looked to the prisoner for answers. Finding some sick enjoyment in interrogating prisoners, Chainer informed the group to look away as he questioned the prisoner. Taking the prisoner by the back of the head, he slammed him face first into the base of the tree. In a low and cold voice, he began to ask the prisoner short and simple questions about what happened, how many more of them they were, and where they came from. When the prisoner fumbled over his answers or didn’t provide adequate responses, Chainer slammed his face back into the tree.

  • Rowyn cast a spell or used an innate ability to peer into the man’s mind to see what had happened. Saw a man step out of the woods, hurl the spear towards the tree, and scorch everything into its path* — Need clarification here

The Lightning Spear was identified and claimed by Zashied as the Javelin of Lightning.

I believe we returned to the city afterward and spoke with Lissandra and voiced displeasure at being a hit-squad, and informed her they would no longer be hired assassins to do her dirty work

Total loot: 35gp each
Javelin of Lightning


Jyaxx Cassadar

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