Jyaxx's World: Weirduun

Reyna and Artemis

New found Allies

After a long discussion about how best to find the dwarves and to deal with their apparent hostility to outsiders, the group opted for a frontal assault approach; walk straight into the mountains and seek an audience with the dwarves. Only a few days into their trek they came across a hilly area to find a tall eleven woman with bow drawn and a large wolf next to her frantically scanning the ground around her. The elven woman was visibly wounded and unaware of the group’s approach.

As the party drew nearer, Dekkum cast his spell to speak with the Wolf in hopes of not drawing suspicion. As the wolf turned towards Dekkum a Bulette exploded out of the ground and continued its apparent attack on the elf and her wolf. Offering their assistance, the group sprang into action and jumped into the fray with the monstrous beast. After a long and difficult battle, they were able to successfully vanquish the beast.
(Bulette – armadillo/lizard creature that lives underground)

The elvish woman introduced herself as Reyna, and her wolf companion as Artemis. Hearing of the groups intent to seek the dwarves, she requested to join to seek out business she had in the area, as well as the possibility to further hunt monstrous and dangerous beast (the black dragon). The party settled in for the night with their new party members but were awoken during the night by a pack of half-ogres. With the help of their new allies, the expanded group quickly dismantled the half-ogres and continued on their way.

Arriving at a small town-hold outside of the mountains, the party stopped to re-supply before they began their trek into the mountains. While in town, they came upon a dwarf also buying supplies in the human town. They learned that he came down from the mountains regularly, went about his business, and then left. When the group attempted to approach him, he was gruff and brief, not providing any information about the dwarven pass or it’s peoples. Instead, they struck a bargain with the dwarf who they found was called Thugris Warmbane and offered to provide protection for him and his supply wagon back into the mountains. Chainer asked Thugris if the elf would be welcome in the dwarven hold (given the history between the two cultures) and Thugris stated that none of the party would be welcome once they arrived at their destination.

Knowing they would need to try another attempt to make it to the city, the group accompanied Thugris through a tall grassy area before they reached the mountains, and found themselves under attack from a large group of insect / humanoids. Barely surviving the ambush, the group continued on ever closer to their destination and more answers.

Session Date: 9/29/2017
Experience : None Provided
Loot : None Found
Coin : None Found


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